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May 3, 2024

How to create an effective content plan for your social media accounts

How to create an effective content plan for your social media accounts

Social media is still one of the leading selling platforms for brands and businesses, so having a solid content plan and knowing what and when to post is essential for brand awareness and for your return on investment.

Whether you’re creating a plan for your sponsored ads or the organic ones, both types of posts need to be strategically planned, to get the best results.

When you’re building your next plan for social media, consider these steps and watch your posts stand out in every feed:

#1 Know your target audience 

One of the most important steps to consider is to obviously know who you’re targeting, who is your audience, and all the necessary demographics, such as age, genre, interest, or social status. 

You’ll use a totally different tone of voice for a Gen Z audience, compared to a Boomer audience, right? Knowing your target is the number one priority in any type of business, therefore, make sure you know as many details as possible about yours.

#2 Make sure the content is suitable for the chosen platform 

Whether you’re choosing Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, it’s important to know and adapt your content to the platform. For Twitter, you’ll be able to create only short and sharp posts, but for Instagram, you’ll focus on content and visuals. On the other hand, for TikTok, you’ll only be able to create short-form videos with minimal content and greater meaning. Each platform is different and in order to make sure you’re using it to its full potential, you must adapt and be informed before diving in. 

#3 Decide when and how often you should post

There are many studies focused on the frequency brands and businesses should post on social media, and there are various opinions which is why it’s important to first, get back to point #1 and know your audience. Understand how much time they spend online, how often they want to see ads, or how much they engage with your brand. 

Secondly, it’s good to read the latest studies and conclusions others came to. The latest research, based on Instagram and how often brands should post says in 2023 we should see around 3 feed posts per week. Another thing discovered is the views for video content on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook will consistently raise, if you keep the feed up to date (e.g. post images and relevant news about your business or your team)*.


#4 Consider UGC content for your business

UGC or User Generated Content is becoming more popular than ever on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Besides the usual posts (e.g. products, news, team celebrations), you should also include raw and real type of posts in your content calendar, in order to pass the authenticity test. 

UGC is not a new concept, but became really popular on TikTok, followed by the influencer era. How it works: people will post a video or image about your product or service and that will attract not only their community towards your brand, but also new customers, that were not initially fans, but had mixed feelings about what you’re offering. 

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We hope you found inspiration for your next content calendar and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts if you’ve got other tips to share. Make sure to follow us for more marketing tips!